applications more

  • Bitumen modification use APAO
  • Hot melt adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive use APAO
  • Sealing material use APAO
  • Polymer modification use APAO

about us

QIDA Principles A:To be Accurate in production
P:To be Professional in allround management
A:To be Active in style of work
O:To be Optimistic in thinking
Key Milestones 2002.05      Groundbreaking Ceremony;
2002.06      The patent on APAO production was applied;
2002.10      Liaoyang Liaohua Qida Chemicals Co. Ltd was founded;
2003.03      The plant started operation;
2004.10      The independent import & export license was approved;
2005.02       First export business;
2005.07       The patent on APAO production was approved;
2006.09       Qida Chemicals was given the tile of Provincial High-Tech Enterprise;
2007.01       Collaboration with three key universities started;
2010.11       QIDA®APAO has been exported to Europe, North America, South America, Mideast, Asia…    
QIDA— Innovative Manufacturer of APAO APAO (Amorphous poly alpha olefin), an amorphous copolymer produced by co-polymerization of alpha olefin under a special catalyst, is well-known as good asphalt modifier, polymer modifier,  a component of hot melt adhesive, sealing materials and so on.
Established in 2002, Liaoyang Liaohua Qida Chemicals Co., Ltd is the only manufacturer to produce APAO products in China and Asia. As an innovative manufacturer, we are committed to providing clean, environment-friendly and high quality APAO to various industries, and to helping our customers to achieve the goal of low- carbon production.   
QIDA®APAO products show the following features which allow a diverse range of application: 1、Good heat resistance;
2、Good low temperature flexibility;
4、Anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet;
5、Good solubility in organic phase;
6、Adhesiveness under certain condition.
QIDA— Providing customized solution APAOproduction, we promise to present you customized services with quick response. So far QIDA®APAO, featuring a full line of around 20 grades has been well received by the industries at home and abroad. The range of key technical specification is as follows:
1、Melt Viscosity(190 ℃): 500~70000 cP
2、Ring& Ball Softening Point:118~148℃
3、Needle Penetration (100g/25℃/5s):16~90 dmm
QIDA— Clean, Environment-friendly, Low carbon QIDA®APAO itself is harmless, odorless and organic solvent free polymer, which does not bring about any harm to human being and environment. Meanwhile, QIDA CHEMICALS also would like to formulate solution for our customers to help them achieve higher environmental goal. For efficient improvement, you may contact our experts and we follow the process shown as below: Clean, Environment-friendly, Low carbon
QIDA— Aiming to be global leader in APAO Through years of hardworking, QIDA CHEMICALS has accumulated extensive experience in APAO manufacturing. QIDA®APAO gained good reputation and has been widely used in domestic China market and also exported to America, Europe, East Asia and Southeast Asia. QIDA CHEMICALS has become the only representative of APAO made-in-China. Sincerely welcome to contact us.